Since we enter 21st centry, as the development of Global integration and China's economic. Service sector becomes more heavy in developed countries' GDP. While more and more manufacturing industry move to the new world's factory -------China.

Construction machineries and equipments play a very important role in world's economic. Both infrastructure projects and mineral exploitation can't live without construction machineries. Today in the world, from NYC to Shanghai, we can hear engine thunder under every skyscraper.

In this context, I created SD bucket tooth company, we keen to provide the best cost-performance bucket tooth products to all Chinese and worldwide excavator and loader users.

From 8 workers and staff at beginning of the company, to today over 200 workers and 10 000 tons annual capacity, we deeply realize that casting is not only a skill, and also a technology, a technology needs strict attitude and constantly improving spirit. In the eight years history of company, we suffered losses, we took wrong path. Today, we found our position in China's domestics market, we need bigger stage to reveal our SD bucket teeth.

Since the world economic crisis in 2008, GET market left the golden period of development, competition becomes fiercer, many small foundries without core competence bankrupted, in this context, SD bucket tooth didn't drop price or scamping to reduce costs, on the contrary, it firms our decession to go high-end quality route. We invest huge amount import complete set of Germany testing and chemical examination facilities, build automatization production line. And also invest correspondingly in moulding, materials, heat treatment and marketing. We believe no matter how bad economic is, great products could be accepted by market, however, low quality commodities will be eliminated.

Today SD bucket tooth is going global with big step and full of confidence. We not only provide parts to our clients, and also design solutions of bucket for our clients, to help you reduce costs and increase production efficiency. We believe, SD bucket teeth would be a strong link between you and us, and your customers.

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