SD Mechanical Parts Co. Ltd warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for their normal wear life. SD shall be liable only for replacement FOB its warehouse for products which do not conform to specifications as determined by SD’s analysis of the returned parts.

Defective, broken teeth will be replaced 100%, In no event shall SD be liable for any special, contingent, or consequential damages, nor for machine work, labor charges, transportation charges, taxes or other expenses incurred on its products.

Material Chemical Elements Analysis % Mechanical Properties
C Mn Si Cr Mo Ni Hardness Impact Strength
Tensile Strength
T1 0.27~0.30 1.0~1.30 1.00~1.30 1~1.3 0.18~0.23 N/A HRC48~52 18≥20J akv(-40ºC)≥20J/cm2 ≥1500 ≥4
T2 0.28~0.30 0.70~0.90 1.40~1.60 1.70~1.90 0.22~0.25 0.2~0.25 HRC48~52 23≥24J akv(-40 ºC)≥25J/cm2 ≥1550 ≥5
Generally, our parts under 20kg are made by Material T1, and all parts over 20kg are made by T2, and we can also produce as your request.

Dear Customers,
The SD catalogue presents a wide variety of tips and adapters for your selections. The chemical content, heat treatment, hardness, and wear-characteristics have been selected for each product to provide the performance the market demands. Should you need more information regarding the products you are ordering, please don’t hesitate to contact you SD Customer Service Representative.

For manufacture SD can change the part number or logo on any of the parts in our catalogue with a lead-time of 20~60 days delivery. We can also modify the chemistry and hardness characteristics for most types, if required by customer. For production of new types, our lead-time is 60~120 days.

Tungsten Carbide impregnated tips are also available at your request.

SD wants to be your tooth and adapter supplier. We are prepared to give our distributors and manufacture the flexibility you need to respond quickly to our customers. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.

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