Bucket tooth

Sep 29, 2013

Currently on the market are commonly used: Komatsu, Daewoo excavator is imported, Kobelco, Carter, modern. Domestic machine commonly used are: Yuchai, SEM, Sany, Lingong engineering, Shantui, Foton Lovol, Liugong, Xiagong, as workers, long work, sunward intelligent,
ZOOMLION. In view of these excavators in addition to the original factory production of bucket teeth, common brands are: Shunde, bucket teeth, SD tooth, tooth, tooth, Ningbo, diamond tooth, tooth, tooth family wealth, the bucket teeth, tuoxing bucket tooth
Nantes bucket teeth. Due to the impact of the financial crisis, our country actively stimulating domestic demand, the bucket teeth market has a positive effect, it causes many domestic bucket teeth manufacturers market outlook is excellent!

The process of bucket teeth: sand casting, precision casting, forging and casting.

When replace the bucket tooth, if the working device moving due to misoperation is very dangerous, will work device in steady state, and then switch off the engine and all the control rod firmly locked. If the use of excessive force knock pin, pin fly out of danger. Some people check the surrounding area don’t. In the replacement operation, often there will be flying block, so to wear safety glasses, gloves and other protective equipment.
1.The bottom of the bucket rotate on the pad to remove the pin. Check the working device is in a steady state, then the safety lock control lever in the locked position. The bottom horizontal bucket placed.
2.Put a metal rod on the pin with an awl head, on the metal bar to knock out pin. Remove the bucket tooth. Note: to use a slightly less than the diameter of the metal rod pin.
3.clean installation surface, the new bucket teeth in tooth, hand pins partially into, and then with a hammer pin type locking the tooth to seat.

Backhoes are machines that are designed to do various digging and removal tasks. The operator sits inside the machine and operates an arm with a contraption at the end of it called a bucket. This bucket has teeth on the end which in turn helps the bucket dig into the ground and excavate the dirt. These machines remove all sorts of things like unwanted tree stumps and roots from old trees that are adding an eyesore to that specific location. Well now that we know what backhoes are and do lets us discuss our next topic of why the jcb backhoe works better than these other regular types of backhoes.
You see the jcb backhoe works better than most backhoes because of a few key reasons. One it has more power. With more power you get more work done and that makes this backhoe better. The jcb backhoe is also user friendly. That means that it is easy for you to understand how to control and operate the machine. If you understand how to operate the machine better you will increase the safety of using the machine and you will be more efficient at your job.

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