Details of Doosan Bucket Teeth

Feb 24, 2014

Doosan heavy-duty buckets are designed for a range of applications that require a robust construction such as sand handling or other applications with occasional severe loadings.  Parts subjected to high stress such as the edge, sidebars and corner protections are made of hardened steel.  Optional teeth, shrouds and reversible cutting edges allow the buckets to be tailored for particular customer needs.

Ideal for handling heavy materials such as ore, gravel, crushed rock or for digging through rocky soils and sandstone, Doosan heavy-duty buckets have a similar design to the light duty buckets offering straight sides for good penetration/capacity ratios.  All critical parts are made of hardened steel for high abrasion resistance.  Thick reinforcement plates protect critical areas on the bottom and sides of the bucket, while spill guards protect the cylinders.

 Doosan bucket teeth
-Casting processes: sand, investment, steel and precision casting
-Materials: gray iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, structural alloy steel, heat-resisting steel, aluminum alloy and more
-Special materials are also available
-Materials chemical components supplied
-Production process: mold designed by drawing, wax mold fabrication, wax welding, mold shell making, roasting, pouring, sand strip, surface treatment, put in storage and package

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