How to Install a Bucket Tooth

Apr 28, 2013

To help penetrate and break up compacted dirt and rock, loaders and excavators use bucket teeth. Those teeth are subjected to the heaviest wear on a ground-engagement machine, and are designed to be quickly and inexpensively replaced. In some cases, buckets feature tooth bars instead of individual teeth; in those instances, the entire tooth bar will need to be removed to replace teeth.

Instructions Prepare A Safe Workplace

1、Put on the proper personal protective equipment: safety glasses and safety-toed boots.

2、Position the bucket with its teeth parallel to the ground. Use jack stands or wooden blocking to support the bucket. That will help prevent any potential pinching or crushing accidents.

3、Set the parking brakes and turn off the loader or excavator. Place the ignition key in your pocket to prevent anyone from accidentally starting the machine while you are working on it.

Remove Worn Teeth

4、Remove excess dirt from the tooth shank and mounting bolt using a wire bristle brush.

5、Tap out the tooth keeper pin with the 6 lb. sledge hammer and the keeper-pin punch.

6、Remove the worn tooth from the tooth shank. If the tooth does not come loose by hand, apply a few taps with the 6 lb. sledge hammer. Exercise caution when removing the tooth to prevent it from falling onto your legs and feet.

7、Remove any remaining dirt from the tooth shank with the wire bristle brush. Inspect the tooth shank for any signs of excess wear or damage such as cracks. Replace the tooth shank if needed.

Instal New Teeth

8、Slide the new tooth onto the tooth shank until the pinholes align.

9、Tap the keeper-pin into place with the 6 lb. sledge hammer and the keeper-pin punch. Once the pin seats, stop hammering.

10、Ensure the new tooth is mounted securely by giving it a few gentle taps with the 6 lb. sledge hammer. If it does not move, the tooth has been installed correctly.

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