Komatsu Backhoe Bucket Teeth Pin Installation

May 20, 2013

A backhoe endures stress and abuse every day of work. The back bucket of a Komatsu backhoe -- the teeth specifically -- pry rocks, tear through asphalt and concrete and dig trench. Among a litany of other stressful activities, these uses of the back bucket sheer the pin locks holding the teeth to the bucket shank. Remounting a tooth is not difficult and only requires a few tools; putting a new tooth on the back bucket of a backhoe only takes a few minutes.

1、Mount the backhoe and fire it up. Drop the outriggers and the front bucket to the ground to stabilize the hoe. Curl the back bucket and place the heel of it on the ground so you can work with the bucket shank.        
2、Saturate a portion of the rag. Force it into the hole in the bucket shank with the screwdriver. Push the rag through the hole and out the other side of the shank. Push the rag through the hole until it is clean of dirt and debris. If the hole is dirty, the pin lock seizes when you mount the tooth.        
3、Slide the tooth over the bucket shank. Adjust the tooth until the holes in the tooth are aligned with the hole in the shank. Push the pin lock into the right side of the tooth and into the shank as far as possible by hand. Pound the remaining portion of the pin into the shank with the hand sledge.

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